Entrance to the Louvre is through the unmistakable glass pyramid, which leads down into a gleaming marble underworld of further entrances for each wing. A gigantic bookshop, the chalcographie department, a café, and restaurant all contribute to the animation of this crossroads, which also leads through to a vast shopping center beneath the Carroussel. The new area also contains the Centre de la Mode for professional fashion shows. On the east side of the Hall Napoléon, follow the Sully entrance to visit the impressive medieval remains of Philippe Auguste’s dungeons and galleries exhibiting pottery and royal artifacts found during excavations.
On the ground and first floor of the Sully wing are exhibited, at the far end, Egyptian antiquities, while the extensive Greek, Roman, and Etruscan collections are immediately to the right of the entrance.
The Louvre galleries contain one of the world’s greatest art collections including Venus de Milo and Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

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